YPG Fellowship

The Youth in Policy and Governance (YPG) Fellowship is a year-long, distinctive and exciting opportunity for young Nepalese citizens of a given province to learn law-making and public policy. YPG Fellows are mentored/trained by different field experts in various socio-economic dimensions of Public Policy and Governance mainly. YPG Fellows then get to work with the assigned Member of Province Assembly (MPA) for active winter and budget parliamentary sessions in the Province Assembly. The primary role of a YPG Fellow is to deliver extensive research support to her/his MPA’s for their parliamentary work. This involves drafting parliamentary questions for the MPAs, preparing speeches/documents for discussions, raising matters of public importance, etc. Essentially, fellows are the knowledge assistants of MPAs.

When parliament is not in session, YPG Fellows participate with policymakers, experts from think tanks, academicians, journalists, and leaders from distinct institutions by contributing to workshops on significant policy and development issues. YPG Fellows also participate in field visits during the inter-session period for a practical experience in governance at the grass root level.

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