Citizen Engagement in

Provincial Policy

"Citizen Engagement in Provincial Policing" with Ms. Lianne M. Toumey

“Citizen Engagement in Provincial Policing” with Ms. Lianne M. Toumey

Today, we had an interactive discussion session on how citizens can be engaged more effectively in provincial policing with Ms. Lianne Tuomey, retired Chief of Police who is currently a Program Manager/Attaché to Nepal at the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, the federal team who had served for over 39 years in domestic policing.

In the session, we shared our ideas, knowledge, and thoughts with her on policy and activities that will assist in advancing the civil society’s fair access to the justice system, and improving Justice sector accountability.

Ms. Tuomey had begun her career in 1982 as a patrol officer with the Burlington VT Police Department. In 2009 she was promoted to Chief where she led the organization until her retirement in 2019 as Chief and became a Senior Advisor to the Vice President for Safety and Security, before retiring in January 2021. She has served on multiple task groups in areas such as Right to Counsel, hate crimes, Civil and Human Rights, Mass Casualty /Active Shooter, and LGBTQ+ engagement and investigations, to name a few.

The program took place in the American corner, Pokhara in the initiation of Pokhara Research Centre. Team members of PRC and Fellows from the PPSP Gandaki had the major participation and added their insightful presence throughout the program.