Executive Office

Sujan Regmi

Executive Director / Research Co-ordinator

Sujan Regmi holds Master’s Degree in Economics from Tribhuvan University. He currently works as Adjunct Faculty Member at Department of Economics, Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. He has previously worked as a research and outreach officer at Samriddhi Foundation, an economic policy think tank in Nepal. He is currently engaged at working with elected officials at the Federal, State and Local levels of Government to bring positive reforms. Previously, he has worked with the Federal Ministry of Finance directly assisting the state minister of finance himself.


Bishnu Prasad Timilsina

Head Operation and Outreach

He holds degree in Business Administration which has prepared him to better accomplish his role. His prior enrollment in private commercial business, educational institutions, government (Public) and non-profit organizations has provided him wide array of exposure in various areas. He is currently affianced with LA GRANDEE International College affiliated with Pokhara University and Janapriya Multiple College affiliated to Tribhuvan University and teaches courses on Management Science, Tourism & Hospitality, Sustainability.

Saurab Wagle

Admin and Finance Officer

Saurab has recently completed his Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Prithvinarayan Campus, under Tribhuwan University. He has a long experience of youth activism and voluntarism through Rotary’s partner in Service organization Rotaract International. He runs a FMCG trading firm as a part of family business and passionate about learning new things and exploring new opportunities.As a part of PRC’s team he is focused on ensuring efficient office operation through effective management methods.

Prakriti Dhakal

Assistant Operation and Outreach

Prakriti Dhakal is a student of Bsc.MIT (Radiology). She is devouringly intending to make changes with her effort and endeavor in the society. She engaged herself in programs/projects that strictly focus in result and is service-oriented. Being involved in environment, health, civic and governmental projects for more than 5 years, she had gone through different strenuous and challenging moments that invigorated her and transfigured her weakness into strength. She can express her ideas into words and execute her words into action thoroughly. She has that potentiality to conglomerate youths who have keen interest to achieve their dreams and work for the society. She can portray her ideas into a model and transcribe it into a relevant proposal for any program.

Krishna Ale

Communication and IT Officer

Krishna has 6+ years of experience in IT Support, Client Management, Operation and Administration. He is a tech enthusiast who believes in making everything simple. He is also freelance graphic designer. He has designed various projects from blueprint design and has implemented successfully. He is also involved in youth-based clubs and has been contributing as a youth activist in Nepal.

Madan Regmi


Madan Regmi holds Master Degree in Economics from Tribhuwan University. He is a faculty member of Economics Department at Prithvi Narayan Campus, Pokhara. His expertise lies on Public Economics. Stemming from his keen interest in Public Economics, Madan’s primary area of research is on taxes, budget and foreign aids.

Deepa Adhikari

Research Intern

Deepa Adhikari is currently procuring her bachelor degree in law ( BALLB; Bachelor in Arts, Legisum Laterum Bachelor: combined degree in Arts and Law) from Tribhuwan University; Prithvi Narayan Campus. She is random conscious thinker relating to the socio-political fields having a deep love with literature along with tons of curiosity to learn something new in her long way journey of life.

Prakash Adhikari

Copywriting and Research Intern

Prakash Adhikari has recently completed his bachelor in Business Administration from LA GRANDEE International College affiliated to Pokhara University. He has 4years of work experience in different financial organizations. He has served in NGO as volunteer in financial department in CSG (Community Support Group). He is fluent in communication, efficient and dedicated to his work. As a part of PRC (Pokhara Research Centre) he works as intern with the aim to sharp his vision and boost the passion to improve nation’s economy. He feels that in order to change the nation, we should be able to bring the policy that changes people’s life for betterment.

Nisha Gurung

Research Intern

Nisha Gurung is a bachelor’s student who is pursuing her BBA ( Bachelors in Business Administration) degree from LA GRANDEE International College affiliated to Pokhara University. She is an enthusiast for social service and has participated in many social serving campaigns like awareness campaigns, sanitations programs and charity programs engaging with different NGOs and schools. She previously has worked as a primary teacher and has teaching experience which makes her more disciplined, motivated and dedicated towards her work. Along with these she is also an artistic person who likes to get involved in creative works, arts, design and music. She believes to be a learner and gain knowledge from various felids which will definitely help an individual to make a positive impact towards his/her personality.

Bishnu Hari Timilsina

Communication and Outreach Intern

Bishnu Hari Timilsina is a bachelor’s student who is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in BMTM (Bachelors of Mountain Tourism Management) from Janapriya Multiple Campus affiliated to Tribhuvan University. He has 5 years of event management work experience in different organizations. He also organizes and markets seminars, conferences, and other events related to tourism, and works on projects for Language of Liberty Institute, USA as a local intern partner where helps LLI (Language of Liberty Institute) with video and web marketing, fund-raising, and speaking about opportunities for young people in entrepreneurship and tourism. He has also traveled to different countries to present his research paper related to the tourism industry and entrepreneurship.