With the sight of bringing the significant addition in the improvement of the settings for business and industries at Gandaki Province, Pokhara Research Centre is currently escorting on qualitative research on ‘Province Industrial Enterprise Act 2019, Gandaki Province’. After the completion of the research, PRC also will be publishing the ‘policy brief’ focusing on the policy issues and reform agendas of the passed Act.

The act was reviewed thoroughly for the purpose of this policy brief. However, both the primary and secondary data collection, surveys, key informant interviews, and consultative meetings with stakeholders are going on. Along with the identification of the policy issues that need to be improved, the policy brief also seeks to provide research-based, possible policy suggestions to the relevant authorities to address them. 

Policy Brief on
Province Industrial Enterprise Act, 2019
Gandaki Province

Monika Ranabhat
 Pokhara Research Centre