Tourism is an important aspect of the Gandaki Province economy and the Nepalese economy in
general, accounting for around 10% of the province’s total GDP. Indeed, tourism has been
highlighted as one of the seven important drivers of prosperity in Gandaki Province (Policy and
Planning Commission, 2020). As a result, the provincial administration is committed to
effectively regulating the province’s tourism industry. The Gandaki Province Tourism Act, 2022
was passed by the provincial government with this goal in mind. To realize the full potential of
the industry, a combination of structural policy adjustments and tourism-specific actions is
In this regard, this policy brief highlights the key issues present in the Gandaki Province Tourism
Act, 2022, and provides comprehensive recommendations to the concerned stakeholders in order
to address these issues. The brief addresses a number of topics, including foreign exchange
transactions, the classification of travel and trekking organizations, mountaineering, conflicts
with federal laws, conservation, sustainable development, and women’s empowerment. The
recommendations for resolving these concerns are based on a thorough analysis of this Act using
a number of primary and secondary data sources.

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