Role of a PPSP Fellow

PPSP Fellowship offers an opportunity to be guided by a Member of Parliament (MP) of Gandaki State for a duration of 26 weeks, subject to the parliamentary calendar. During the progression of the Fellowship, Fellows will get the opportunity to participate with professionals from distinct sectors and understand significant policy and development issues of the Gandaki State.

The Fellow’s primary task includes delivering research support to the Member of Parliament (MP) that she/he is assigned to. Fellows will undertake significant level of the research related to state parliament, such as inputs for state bills, parliamentary questions, policy discussions, etc. Furthermore, PPSP Fellows are requisite to deliver background research for the discussions and media events MPs attend in their official capacity. While some MPs may delegate constituency-related work to their PPSP Fellows, signing up such work (including visits to the constituency) is subject to the agreement between the MP and the PPSP Fellow. However, these works should not solicit personal benefits for the MPs.

Research of PPSP fellow focusses on diverse issues such as public service delivery, good governance, environmental issues, economics and foreign relations. Research tasks may include

  • Parliamentary research
  • Data Analysis
  • Framing policy specific issues
  • Background research for discussions and media events
  • Research for state parliamentary sub-committee meetings
  • Media-related work including drafting press releases, preparing interventions for TV appearances
  • Research for constituency-related issues
  • Interacting with stakeholders

PPSP Fellows rarely have a usual work day. Requests for research may have varying limits – ranging from thirty minutes to a week, depending on the requirements of the MP. When the state parliament is in session, the workload is likely to be busier than the time period between sessions.