" A Monthly Discourse"

THE FREEDOM HOUR " A Monthly Discourse"

The Freedom Hour

The Freedom Hour( TFH) is the monthly discussion discourse concerning its field on the motive to gather like-minded thinkers interested in liberty and classical liberal values. In sum to provide the forum for discussing, debating, and advocating liberalism, and its ideology along with the classical liberal thoughts of a free-market economy. TFH is a free informal discussion with the public in different socio-economic ideas of thoughts that will inspire the concerned public, students, young intellectuals, entrepreneurs to get the in-depth idea of liberal value and free-market economics. 4 Pm afterward on the last Friday of every English month, Pokhara Research Centre in partnership with the Language of Liberty Institute(LLI, USA) will be holding the episodes of the discussion series on the various topics relating to liberalism and free-market economics. For which the registration form will be provided through the social sites of Pokhara Research Centre in an open manner. Selection of the applicants will be done through the various eligibility measures. The selected participants then will be provided with the readers necessary for every discussion topic prior to the day of the discussion via e-mail.


EPISODE 2 "Frédéric Bastiat Petition of the Candlemakers"
EPISODE 3 "I, Pencil"
EPISODE 4 "Incentives Matter"
EPISODE 5 " Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy"