The Gandaki Province implemented the Private Firm Registration Act of 2021 with the primary aim of promoting a thriving economy. The act focuses on regulating private firms’ registration, renewal, transfer, and amendment processes to facilitate diverse economic activities within the province. Streamlining these regulatory functions is crucial to remove obstacles for entrepreneurs and stimulate effective economic growth.

This policy brief carries out a critical assessment of the provisions of private firm registration in Gandaki Province. Its purpose is to determine the actual impact of existing legal measures on business growth. Rather than accepting surface-level appearances, the evaluation delves deeper into the registration process to identify potential obstacles that may impede entrepreneurs’ progress.

Through a comprehensive examination of registration procedures and a careful analysis of potential challenges, the brief aims to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to improve the business environment. Ultimately, the goal is to empower entrepreneurs and foster sustained economic progress in the province. In conclusion, the policy brief adopts a professional and unbiased approach to assess the effectiveness of the Gandaki Province Private Firm Registration Act. Its aspiration is to create a more conducive and supportive business environment that fosters economic growth.

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